Hello. Welcome to my blog page, Stella’s Shoe Closet. Here I will share my love for shoes. I  also hope to help anyone with advice on shoes, advice on fashion, just enjoy sharing stories and thoughts about shoes and fashion.

My love for fashion started way back in Middle School. I remember being so excited to go sixth grade. My sister would take me school shopping and I would be thrilled to get four pair of school shoes. My sister has always been my inspiration on fashion. She has a love for shoes as well. Anyway, during our time shopping for shoes, my sister would suggest I get a really funky pair of shoes, a casual pair, and two pair of sneakers. Yes, two pair. I remember choosing a pair of  navy blue corduroy EBS. Do you guys remember these? I do. It’s funny how I can’t remember the other pair of sneakers I got.  Well, I wore many of holes in those EBS’ that I cried and begged for another pair. They (my mom and sister) gave in. I got a tan pair this time.

Now, back to the funky and causal shoes, I remember getting this black shoes that laced up. They had a real funky heel on it. This heel was the color of a bike reflector. It was bright orange and was a bit chunky. Oh! how I adored these shoes. This was truly the beginning of my love for shoes. While, I always chose a Penny loafer for my causal shoe. I always would put dimes or  quarter instead of pennies. Not to say they would be in there for a long period of time, but when they were you couldn’t tell me anything. I know at the age of 10, shoes would be my life.

Yes, I have more up to date stories I will love to share with you. I took a girls trip with three other ladies who also love them some shoes, well shopping in general. We decided to go Toronto, Canada for one of the ladies birthday. It was cold when we decided to go, that didn’t stop us. Anyway, we had a blast! We all did some shopping while there. Went to this one particular shoe store and I automatically feel in love with these Wedged Converse. I was determined I wasn’t leaving without them. Yep, I have them and I love them dearly. I gotten many complements on these babies. I had to get them, I’d never seen any like them back at home. So, It’s my pleasure to share these beauties with you all. Matter of fact, I will love to share a few other loves of my life  with you.  Enjoy!