The door is open…welcome to my closet.



Yassss, the door is finally open.  Stella’s Shoe Closet is open to you. I am here to share my love of shoes and satisfy the cravings of those with a foot fetish. Together, we can bond and build our affinity for shoes. I will also put together an outfit  together that will accentuate the shoe of the day.

I will love to hear your voices. I’m excited to share this journey with you all. Hello, Stella’s Shoe Closet is ready to take off.


Can’t go wrong with DENIM 

Dark denim, light denim you can’t go wrong. These beauties shown in the photo are to “die” for.  You can rock them with shorts or a mini dress/skirt. I love  how I have the option to control the firmness around my thigh. The drawstring gives it an added flare for sure. Theses denim hotties can be worn all the way up (nothing can stop you) lol or gathered to fit your legs just how you like.

So ladies, I advise you to go cop a pair of denim booties, thigh boots or mid calf ones. Whatever you decide will look absolutely gorgeous!! Remember shop for shoes, shoes, & mores shoes😘😍

So Adorable Baby Doll Flats

20170503_222555I was thrilled to feature one of my favs here on Stella’s Shoe Closet. Well, we share the same birthday so you know she was going to support me. I told her numerous time this day how adorable her shoes were. What I love most about the “cutie pies”  are the straps. You have control of how low or high you may want to wear them. She nailed it with the  leggings. It just made the leggings complete. Especially, how the band at the bottom breaks up the straps and her skin that’s peeking out on her legs between the space. Two Thumbs up to my birthday twin, Steph, you rock girlfriend!

Happy Spring


Hello my peeps, I know it’s been a few weeks now since my last post. I want to apologize. My schedule super crazy right now, however, I have some of the cutest, fun, and sportiest shoes to show.

Here in the photo featured,  is one of my favorite pair of Converse ever. I know people still refer to them as Chucks. Really doesn’t matter to me what some may call them, I just know these in particular are the in a class all by themselves. I copped these beauties in Toronto, Canada a few years back. Well, I wasn’t leaving without them. They are super comfortable and can be worn with just about anything.

This day, I chose to rock them with the cute leggings that had some of the similar colors. So let me know what you think about this pair together. I got tons of compliments this day. I was looking good in all my colors of the rainbow.

Please leave a comment or a suggestion. Until next time, shop, shop, and shop for shoes. Peace.


Demin…Decisions Decisions!

  • Hey Peeps, You should  know by now  I  have a serious shoe  addiction,  but  I also have some serious decisions to make. Here in these photos I have on two different demin boots. I love them both dearly, however, I’m having trouble  deciding which one to wear in my next  photoshoot. I plan on wearing the darker demin with this  camo dress. I will post pics of my entire outfit during tbe shoot. Please stay tuned and don’t forget to like , comment, and shop, shop, shop for shoes😘

Please contact me @stellasclosetblog.wordpress.com

Black and White with a little Stripes

I absolutely loves these new babies!!!!!. I haven’t worn them yet, however, my beautiful daughter had a photoshoot,  so why not let her wear them to be featured them on my blog. She decided on a splash of red with this black and white piece. A sexy red lip and clutch to set it off.  It definitely was a perfect sunny day to show off these cuties. This photo is way to gorgeous! Thanks to William Pittman Photography.

So tell me your thoughts on this. I would love to know what you think. Hope to hear from you soon. Until next time, shop, shop, shop.

Relaxing Leopard

These beauties are so soft and cozy. I always get tons of compliments when I rock these cute ass boots. What girl doesn’t love leopard print! Come ladies, let me see you in your favorite animal print. You can throw in some printed accessories  too.

I choose this particular shoe today because I wanted to wear the shirt that has the leopard shoe on it. I figured I can have another piece of leopard to accentuate the long grey, flowy skirt. Perfect Combo!






FLORAL Royal…ty

Hello everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful, fantastic weekend,  I did. I also hope you guys and gals got a chance to check out my blog. I know I’m shoe crazy and all, but I crave your feedback. I want to know if we shall the same fetish or if we have the same shoe or style. Please, let a sistah in. There’s no right or wrong style or color of shoes. All shoes are loved. So don’t be bashful and don’t bite your tongue.

Until next time, shop, shop, and shop for shoes!